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Yes2Ventures (Y2V) is a registered charity and Social Firm development agency that creates jobs and opportunities for people who are severely disadvantaged in the labour market for health related and social reasons. Over the last year, Y2V has taken on premises at 24/26 Snig Hill, S3 8NB in Sheffield City Centre to help it tackle some of society’s inequalities by creating jobs and offering an outlet for goods made by Y2V, and services provided by Y2V, in other parts of the city. We call the new premises ‘The Social’. The Social is a marketplace for inclusion and the intention is to build elements within it that will work together to help Y2V achieve its social objectives. infoSocial is a social information point, helping people find their way through the twists and turns of job finding, volunteering, mental health support and benefits issues.

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theSocial, 24-26 Snig Hill, Sheffield, S3 8NB
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