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UBI Lab is a worldwide decentralised network of citizens, researchers, activists and campaigners exploring the potential of Universal Basic Income. The UBI Lab Network is facilitated by the social enterprise Opus.

A UBI Lab is a citizen led group seeking to explore and advocate for a Universal Basic Income. Groups are themed geographically or by lived experience. There are currently 35 UBI Labs across the world with the majority located in the UK. Labs meet each month to share learning and contribute to a shared set of resources. The Labs are assisted by the UBI Lab staff team who offer skills, resource and expertise where needed to facilitate the aims of each UBI Lab.

We believe there are better ways to provide security to citizens and build more resilient economies.

The best way to find these alternatives is to enable and resource citizens from the grassroots up to engage with civic and political society to explore the potential of a Universal Basic Income for all.

We want to test the impact a UBI could have and evaluate how it might provide the foundations for us to be able to tackle so many of the challenges we face as individuals, communities, society, and a planet.

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